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Why Obama's Birth Certificate Cannot Be An Issue. We cannot have our cake and eat it too.

The requirement that to be a natural born citizen means being in the right place at the right time (ie, being in this country at birth) may have been a good premise 100 years ago. But it cannot be the criteria for being a natural born US citizen today. Why? Because of technology enabling us to be here today and in another country tomorrow. If you were traveling abroad when your child was born, does that mean your child is not a citizen? No!

Then there must be another criteria for being a citizen and that must be: 1. That at least one of a child's parents be a US citizen OR 2. If a child is born in this country and neither parent is a citizen, THEN THE CHILD MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE LEGAL GUARDIAN WHO IS A CITIZEN.

It is obvious that under this criteria, dual citizenship is possible, but no more than dual citizenship. It should also be obvious that any anchor babies born in this country are not citizens unless they have a legal guardian who is a citizen. Under no circumstances should the STATE become a surrogate parent. Under no circumstances should the STATE take citizen tax payer money to fund free public education to illegal migrants