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                                      UPDATING THE CONSTITUTION

Our Constitution was was intelligently written roughly 220 years ago.
Since that time the world has grown in population and changed in technology.
It has become obvious that flaws have been exploited by businessmen,
congressmen, and foreigners for several years now.

We support updating the Constitution with:

1. Direct online (non-Internet) represntation wherein the citizens can choose to vote on the issues
of our times via a direct line into the state office.

2. Term Limits for our representatives.

3. Placing congressional representatives and all government workers on
social security, and eliminate the double standard of special benefits
not available to the average citizen.

4. Enforcement of the definition of "natural born citizen" whereby non citizens
would stop coming to this country to proliferate our nation with "anchor babies".

5. A Balanced Budget Amendment.

6. English as the national public language.

7. The definition of marriage to be only between a man and a woman.