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This website considers it to be a gross insult & offense to the American citizen psyche in depicting Americans as lazy creatures via phraseology such as "The Jobs Americans Don't Want". America's greatness stems from the fact that there is no job, too great or too small, that Americans are simply too spoiled to handle.

1. THE STOCK MARKET IS BACK, BUT THE DEBT, ECONOMY & JOBS ARE NOT.. They say the stock market is a predictor of the future economy, which means it leads everything else. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen. At the current time one might think it to be the case.

However looking back at 2008, the stock market was flying high when all of a sudden, boom, we crashed. The precursor to that event was very visible, ie, the outsourcing of jobs, companies going over seas for cheap labor, & the hiring of illegals. In other words, there was a total rejection of American domestic labor, leaving it up to the shut-out worker to turn to the housing market to survive, taking advantage cheap "affordable" mortgage loans based upon a preceived ever rising housing market. & when that bubble finally popped, all hell broke loose.

The solutons invoked to restore the economy (& presumably jobs) include the government issuing more bonds & the FED buying those bonds to create more liquidity (ie, money supply) & manipulate interest rates to low levels by buying those bonds at high prices. The net result is to fight deflation, which automatically creates inflation, & thus increases the values of stocks & commodities.

This is all well & good, BUT THE EFFECT IS PURELY COSMETIC. Until we address the REAL CAUSES OF DOMESTIC UNEMPLOYMENT (which includes the CULTURAL ISSUES & OBSCENE CEO SALARIES & BONUSES), our economy will never mend. Just because the unemployment rate is now giving good readings does not mean we are recovered. There are millions of dead bodies of domestic workers & veterans who simply have stopped collecting unemployment & are falling into the ranks of the homeless. It is not their fault. To some extent, the initial Occupy WallStreet movement had a point, but unfortunately it became tainted with radical political opportunists. This remaing killing field of the dead unemployed is the fault of a government that has not done its job in keeping illegals out, keeping companies at home, & encouraging domestic labor, all while failing to inspire individual self accountability & responsibility.

"BUY AMERICAN" means "HIRE AN AMERICAN". It does not mean create a position in an American business so you can put a foreigner to work. "Creating" jobs is one thing. WHO THOSE JOBS GO TO is quite another.

"INTERNATIONAL FAIR TRADE" applies to goods, it should not apply to services. But then we tend to forget that it is just not “FAIR” trade that is being implemented. It now must be “FREE” trade. The economic reality is that we are seeing the downside of globalization which began in the early 1990s. At that time, the cold war ended & there was a great euphoria wherein peace broke out. The monitoring of our borders was severely relaxed, & NAFTA went beyond agreement to simply trade goods, but to trade services as well. The Euro soared. The DOW surpassed 10000. Companies went abroad to find cheaper labor. & NOW THE EUPHORIA IS OVER. Countries will retreat to defensive positions, because survival is all important.

The business environment not only needs to be encouraged by reducing government imposed regulations & taxes that are ridiculous (such as demanding health care insurance), but it also needs to be properly regulated to assure that every domestic American citizen is given top priority in hiring practices as well as relative salary scales compared to the top hired CEO. Imposing taxes (higher than the norm) on those companies who outsource overseas to reap the benefit of cheaper labor is one way to discourage such endeavor. Penalties & fines should be placed upon those businesses who knowingly hire illegals. Hired CEOs (ie, not the company founder) ought to be taxed for their outrageous compensations & bonuses. & boards of directors should be prevented from having directors who are already serving on a board with another company.


3. When Two Economic Ideologies Clash, Maybe We Should Reexamine Those Policies That Got Us Here In The First Place. Our economic crisis can be traced to the 1999 republican Congress, with the help of Bill Clinton, repealling Glass-Steagal & the unfettered deregulation of business. GW Bush promised to defend this country, BUT LEFT OUR BACKDOOR WIDE OPENED, while replubican scandal was running rampant. In 2006 & 2008, the democrats promised to stop the ethics violations when it came to lobbying & backroom deals.& Obama promised to devote his full attention to the economic crisis, & even implied a promised to curtail the flow of illegals via his questioning of the benefits of NAFTA.

And then came the fall of 2008 with the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the bailout of AIG, & the TARP program, all done under the GWB administration. We looked to the future & Obama's promises. But they were never to be. Having won full control, the Democratic Congress with a Democratic President turned its back on the economy to ramrod through Obamacare. & now we are being told by those same democrats that the republican presidential candidates are LYING.

Whether or not OBAMACARE is better than Ryan's proposal, IT IS OBVIOUS THAT NO ONE IN THE DEMOCRATIC CAMP IS ABLE TO ACCURATELY DESCRIBE THE BENEFITS OF THE MONSTER THAT THEY CREATED. Oh yes, we all know that the allegedly important "donut hiole" has been closed. We all know that there is going to be a "health insurance exchange" to help those who don't know how to read the yellow pages in finding an insurance carrier. We all know that kids don't have to grow up until the age of 26. And we all know that the financing provisions are in fact a TAX, which Obama says it is not. And we all know that everyone will have to have health insurance (like it or not). BUT WHAT WE DO NOT KNOW IS WHAT THE DEMOCRATS EITHER CANNOT OR WILL NOT TELL US. And it would seem it is more that they cannot tell us, BECAUSE THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW THEMSELVES, BECAUSE THEY COULD NOT & DID NOT EVEN READ THE THING WHEN THEY FORCED IT THROUGH. And now we are suppose to take their words as being "fact"? It would be a profound travesty if this country were to fall for such a level of mentality.

4. I cannot criticize Ben Bernanke that much, because he is concerned about solving a problem that was exacerbated by his deregulating predecessors, Alan Greenspan, Larry Summers, & company, who ignored Brooksley Born's warning in the 1990s.

One Lone Regulator

Rather than choosing between one option (to drastically cut spending) & the other (to tax), may be we should prudently back track on ALL OF THOSE IRRESPONSIBLE LAWS & POLICIES (AS WELL AS THE NEGLIGENCE) THAT GOT US HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE & FIRE EVERY ONE OF THOSE GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS WHO CONTRIBUTED TO THE DEVELOPMENT. That includes regulating our borders, evicting illegals, closing loopholes in the Constitution that were valid years ago (but not today),etc. At the same time, we need to curtail piggish greed at all levels & begin to use the internet more.

5. Paul Craig Roberts (on VDARE.com & Lewrockwell.com) economic / political views. This website does not agree with all that Mr Roberts comments on, but it does agree with his views on corporate out-sourcing & the hiring of illegals.

The Alleged Russian Threat              Paul Craig Roberts Articles

Mr Roberts was assistant treasurer under Ronald Reagan. He was also an editor & writer for the Wall street Journal.

About Paul Craig Roberts

6. Oct 7, 2011 Job Picture - 103,000 jobs were added in September while our population grows by 100,000 per month. How much of population growth is due to BABY WARS, ie, anchor babies? It is estimated (in 2007) that there were 30,250 anchor babies born each month.


The US BOND MARKET IS WHAT BACKS THE FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE. The issuance of U.S. Treasury Bonds/debt is what gives rise to Federal Reserve Notes

________________________ Suppresses Inflation & the Economy <-----------------------------------
|                                                                                                                                                           |UP
V                       Other Rev                                                                                                                  |
PRIVATE                         \                                                                                                                    |
SOURCES --> taxes --> GOV ---- bonds--->GOLDMAN----------------------> FED-----> Int Rates --->|
^                                       ^                             |        ^                                        |                                 |
|                                         |____+$$$ ______/         |___GLDMN ACCT + ___/                                 |
|                                                                                                                                                       DOWN
|                                                                                                                                                            |
|_________________________ Suppresses Deflation & Encourages the Economy ---------------

8. Some Bailout Numbers to ponder TSLF=250 Billion TAF=900 Billion Stimulus I (Bush) = 168 Bill ion or 1 Trill ion? Stimulus II (Obama) = 787 Billion TARP = 700 Bill ion QE0 = 1.2 Trilli on (Fed Reserve bought troubled Assets or toxic?) QE1 = 175 Billi on from Housing GSEs QE1 = 300 Bill ion in US bond buyback QE1 = 1.25 Tri llion in mortgage backed securities QE2 = 600 Bill ion bond buyback QE2 = 300 Bill ion for mortgage backed securities Operation twist = ? QE3 perhaps ? America Job Act = 450 Billlion - another stimulus add to the national debt. Hope for Homeowners (FHA)=300 Billi on FDIC Line of credit= 500 Billio n Bush Tax cut extension by Obama=79 Bill ion estimate Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac =400 Bill ion BIS estimate of derivatives fraud = 1500 Trillion NY TIMES estimate of derivatives fraud = 1000 Tri llion Washington Post estimate of derivatives fraud = 600 Tri lion Bloomberg News estimate of derivatives fraud = 28 Trillion US national debt = 15.3 Tri llion (see www usdebtclock dot org ) Wall street bonuses for 2009 = 139 Bill ion

9. The Stock Market Follows Unemployment.


Population Chart

Almost 2 Billion added in less than 10 years.

11. This is an OUTRAGE. Per NAFTA, Mexican Trucks will begin rolling across our borders & through the nation's heartlland over highways that we paid for with taxes .

1st Mexican truck to enter US interior within days

Do you not get the feeling that our government is hypocritical & screwing us big time? The government has already brought about the current economic mess as well as not protecting our sovereignty from illegals. & now, despite millions of American citizens being out of work, our so called government is depriving more work from American truckers by allowing this to happen.

This goes far beyond the purposes of any legitimate free trade agreement, which is primarily for the exchange of goods, not necessarily services. It is an outright betrayal of the American people.

12. ONLY 18% OF US CITIZENS believe the Affordable Health Care Act will improve or help their positions.

ACH Popularity - Not

13. Our Fragile Global Banking System. At the bottom of a crisis is the stability ( or lack thereof ) of money market funds which are at the very core of investing. Perhaps we need to be looking in greater detail at the trading criteria & regulation of those money market funds, rather than unraveling the entire monetary system by returning to the gold standard.


And exactly how would a return to the gold standard cure the FAILINGS OF THE RATING AGENCIES?