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                                          ILLEGAL MIGRATION
                                      THE LOOTING OF AMERICA

Ask yourself, "What GOOD parents send their children on a trip by themselves or in the hands of a coyote to invade another country? " It is the EXPLOITATION of their children for political and economic gain, by both the parents and the lying liberal Democratic party. This exploitation has been allowed to carry on for decades now, and with some help from gutless Republicans who refused to stand up for their countrymen. But for the most part, it has been the Democratic party and hypocritical politicians like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi,CHuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, & Maxine Waters who would sell out their country for a few foreign votes. These traitors have no scruples when it comes to telling others what to do with their property. But when it comes to their own properties, then "NOT IN MY BACKYARD" is justified by these hypocrites.

ITS BEEN CALLED MEXIFORNIA For a dispossessed people to abide in a country, THERE MUST BE ROOM & RESOURCES TO ACCOMMODATE THEM. Clearly, national environmentalists understand & support this. Even liberal democrat Harry Reid agreed to support Obama in 2008, PROVIDED THAT OBAMA SHUT DOWN THE YUCCA MOUNTAIN NUCLEAR WASTE FACILITY. "NOT IN MY BACKYARD" is not uncommon among any home-based residents, democrat, republican, liberal or conservative. AND IT IS JUSTIFIED BASED UPON PROPERTY RIGHTS & OWNERSHIP, assuming the property was acquired peacefully or by non-coerced agreement (not including war). But today you have stupid ass dispossessed liberals who choose to ignore this basic law and who advocate violence as a means of acquiring property rights & ownership of their own and who would turn right around & speak to the detriment of other dispossessed peoples in defending their newly acquired rights. It is called THE ANIMAL LAW OF SURVIVAL. But it is also called HYPOCRISY, that is UNLESS ONE STICKS TO THE ORIGINAL LAW OF JUSTIFIED OWNERSHIP.

The Mexican government was properly paid by the United States in its acquisition of California., aka, THE TREATY OF HILDAGO. For them or their peoples to now come back and lay claim to possession of California is demonstrative of their cheap mentality seeking only to benefit their own race as express by the RACIST GROUP called LA RAZA. That American citizens would even consider giving up their rightful ownership of California is unconscionable.

Did Christ Really Die For ME? We are told that Jesus died for us. We are encouraged to "have a personal relationship with Christ". But what does that really mean? Are we suppose to go on some sort of a guilt trip? Because He does not appear to be here on earth, it is really difficult for many people (myself included) to accept those statements,, especially when they see so much pain in their lives. It becomes rather easy to dismiss any notion of Christ entirely. But this makes it even more important to really learn about the life & times of Jesus Christ, thereby giving us a greater understanding of what is meant when they say "Jesus died for you".

To summarize it more distinctly, it can be said that Christ died for the freedom & rights of the individual, while, at the same time, He acknowledged the rights of property ownership. So it is clear that His intent was to uphold both HUMAN RIGHTS & PROPERTY RIGHTS together. They should not be at odds with each other. So in this sense, He did in fact "die for me". But who is "me"? It tends to put everything on a personal emotional basis. A more logical statement would be "He died for MY PERSONAGE", meaning He wanted me to develop a character & behave in accordance with His laws which are to the benefit and betterment of mankind. So herein is the real world justification for believing in Christ. But beyond that, He put a cherry on top by demonstrating the existence of life after death & the reality of Heaven, therein giving mankind a real meaning & hope for the future.To dismiss this is to become a pessimistic fatalist who sees life as a vain endeavor subject only to the laws of survival of the fittest and who would use religion as instrument in furthering their own interests.