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                                    A 'NATION' is a 'CULTURE' OF PEOPLE.

A “CULTURE” is primarily identified by its governing language & it's mores

A "COUNTRY" is an area of land having borders where a "NATION" of people , ie, a “culture”, can live.

Far too often people construe the borders of a country to define a nation without considering the people occupying that area. The country is nothing more than the container for the culture of people which defines the character, the mores, the values, & the principles of a nation living within those borders. A country becomes sovereign nation when it codifies the culture living with it's borders

The UNITED STATES is a sovereign country designed to propagate the underlying principles, values, & mores of the culture of the people who arrived here from England in the 17th & 18th centuries. Those principles, values & mores were based in large part upon the teachings of Christianity, & did not include homo-sexuality, Islamic denial of Biblical teaching, or trespassing into sovereign territory. At the time of this migration, the country was very sparsely populated by several warring native American tribal cultures, & the land was ripe with plenty of room to accommodate a more civilized & governed population from foreign soil. The native Americans may have had some very valid complaints with respect as to how they were treated during this transition. But by today's standards it would be considered outright piggishness to prevent such a vast amount of land from being developed to make room for growing populations. Regardless, the initial division of the country was into thirds, one third going to the French, one third going to the Spanish, & one third going to the English. Ultimately, those portions belonging to the French & Spanish were lawfully purchased and ceded to the English Christian based culture & its government. As time progressed, with plenty of land and resources to be given out, a series of migrations of other peoples with other cultures was allowed to take place. But there was one provision, & that was that those foreign migrants would become as the English Christian culture already living here. And indeed, that is what happened..... UNITL RECENTLY.

Today we have foreign nationals from other countries sneaking illegally into this country to reap the benefits of what this country has to offer, but who flaunt their real nationality/culture in the face of the citizenry of this country. They are here only to take, they refuse to speak the English language, they fly their own national flag over the flag of the US up-side-down, they dump their babies on our door-step,& demand their alleged human rights. In other words, they have no respect for the culture that is hosting them, choosing to ignore the old adage “When in Rome, do as the Romans”.

As much as foolish compassionates would cry on behalf such irresponsible self-serving behavior, they fail to recognize the destruction of their own nation/culture taking place right before their eyes. They further fail to acknowledge that the world has become enormously over-populated & that resources & land are no longer as plentiful as they once were. There comes a point when compassion is not justifiable in terms of those who are really being treaded upon. A melting pot that does not regulate its inputs & contents becomes a cracked pot.