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                                      THE PATHWAY TO ENSLAVEMENT

If some alleged scholars wish to waste their time and the time of others in changing the terminology BC (BEFORE CHRIST) to BCE (before common era) because it is offensive to the few and they don't want to offend anyone (ie, "political correctness"), then they should also change the names of the months which are named after Roman Emperors, ie, July (Julius), August (Augustus), October (Octavia) because those names are just as offensive. For those alleged scholars, I suggest they use the names Islamphobious(July), Homophobious (August) , and Xenophobious(October). But for the more astute mind, Christophobe, Ignoramus, and just plain Stupidio are more appropriate, that is if you are so inclined to be "politically correct". No matter, it is quite obvious that such alleged scholars are also changing the meaning of the original Constitution, just as they seek to change the original Gregorian Calendar. And in that transition, facts become blurred into fiction.

Martin Luther King hit the nail on the head when he said, "We are to be judged by the CONTENT OF OUR CHARACTER". To that I would add "and BEHAVIOR". But what is "CHARACTER" and from where does it come?. More specifically, what is GOOD character? Enter THE BIBLE.

There are all kinds of legitimate questions surrounding the BIBLE. Among them include: 1) Why does it focus only upon Egypt when there were two other major civilizations of India and China at the time? 2) If GOD is loving, then why could he do mean things? 3) and thousands of other questions. But one thing is quite clear and indisputable. The BIBLE defines for us what is GOOD character. We must not and do not pretend to have all the answers to all the questions. But when you consider political history including that of other civilizations, you begin to see a pattern of REAL INJUSTICE (as opposed to a red herring) continuously carried out in the absence of the BIBLE. The trivia of today pales in comparison to the past.

I seem to recall a certain president saying "We are not a Christian Nation" and admonishing those with "Guns and Bibles". Nothing like a slap in the face to the national "character" by your alleged leader. He could have been more inclusive by saying "We are a Christian Nation, We are a Jewish nation, We are..". But oh no, he had to be very specific to exclude.

WAKE UP! A CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS that ends democracy is in the making. There is no greater due process than that obtained by a literate and well informed voting public. This is not about the gays or illegals anymore. This is about the power grab of our court and its abuse of our democratic society. The petty whininess of the few at the expense of a responsible voting majority ought be no laughing matter. Yet the court insists upon over-turning voter approved matters as well as Congressional approved matters as well as State approved matters. Quite obviously as far as they are concerned it matters not what millions and millions of voters say. Your vote is worth nothing. Your elected representatives are worth nothing. Your state legislatures are worth nothing. Only a handful of individuals sitting in high places (using the illogic of begging the question) matter. But then history has a way of repeating itself, doesn't it, ie, rule over the masses by the few.

Your FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND FREEDOM TO ABSTAIN is being stepped on daily by those who wish to remove the word "GOD" from our vocabulary, rewrite history, propagandize and degenerate the family morality by which we have lived for thousands of years. "CHARACTER" is being sacrificed by the self-righteous and self-serving with a false use of the words "EQUALITY"/"DISCRIMINATION"/"GENDER" and in the name of "THE ECONOMY". One need only look to the CHIC-FIL-A restaurant affair which is just one of hundreds of incidents. More and more the personal decisions of the many are being over-turned by the courts of the few elite who have their own bias. A vote is a form of speech. But your votes are over-turned by those who think they know better. If things continue to develop as they have, it will not be long before this country must pay homage and be subservient to an international court of a few legalists/jurists who will redefine the meanings of words and dictate every aspect of life to the world's populace. Then it is "GOODBYE DEMOCRACY" as we know it,..... that is unless those alleged scholars miss changing the meaning of the words " vote" and "democracy" or unless we are blown to pieces by a war instigated by the insistence of those alleged scholars in forcing their views upon the rest of the world.

As the saying goes, "Be Careful Of What You Wish For". Freedom of speech must come with a sense of responsibility. A "sense of responsibility" includes accepting the consequences of what you initiate and the consequences of sanctioning political activity inspiring the over-throw of the majority will of the people in a democratic republican society via undemocratic and unconstitutional processes.

But this is what is happening in this country today. There is NOTHING in the Constitution granting the court the right of judicial review to the point of over-turning the will of the people. In addition, the irresponsible political dialog has gone far beyond anything seen in the last 65 years,mostly thanks to the liberal viewpoint. The Liberal's excuse for criticizing others and shoving their garbage down otherpeople's throat is to maliciously label them as "phobes", "trolls" or with some other misused term,something they themselves can be labeled as . But then the word "Liberal" is a label too, only it's use is not intended maliciously. Regardless, the polarization of society is becoming more abusive, and it isbeing exacerbated by the prostitution of this country's sovereignty. Meanwhile, the window opening for real justice, which lays somewhere between unacceptable tolerance and unacceptable intolerance, is becoming more closed.