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Our government has become dysfunctional due to failings in all three branches of government. The courts are overturning laws (including those to control the spread of Sharia Law, illegal migrants & same-sex marriage), laws that both citizens, states, & Congress have lawfully voted upon and approved, thereby threatening even the simplest of democratic processes. The office of the President has failed to prevent foreign nationals from entering our country illegally and who are proliferating our land with anchor babies.The Congress is stalled in deadlock, failing to vote on measures necessary to our economy.

Never before has our freedom and liberty been so imperiled from within. It is time to act and stop this betrayal of American values. But Congress will never get the job done. They have already proven their inability to do so. There is only one other way, and that is for 2/3 of the States to ratify an amendment to the Constitution.

Please join us and read and sign the below GOVERNMENT REFORM AMENDMENT which we will submit to the 52 state governments for determination


Judicial Provisions.

1. Judicial Provisions

A jurocracy-theocracy form of government is hereby outlawed.

a. No Federal Court shall overturn a legal vote of the people within a state, except upon approval by Congress.

b. No State Court shall overturn a legal vote of the people, except upon the approval of the State Legislature.

c. Term Limits for justices.

2. Cultural Provisions.

a. Redefine "Freedom Of Religion" to be "Freedom Of Faith". Define "Just Moral Principle" as distinct from "Bannable Religious Dogma". Ban SHARIA LAW.

b. Define a "NATURAL CITIZEN" as a person who has at least one parent who is a citizen. Any person born to non-citizen parents are not citizens, except through naturalization processes.


d. Affirm that use of the word "SEX" means "GENDER", not sexual preference.

e. ENGLISH ONLY as the official public language.


3. Congressional Provisions.

a. No tenure, no pension. A Congressman/woman receives only pay while on duty in office.

b. Congress (past, present, & future) participates in Social Security. All future funds flow into Social Security which is to be used for no other purpose.

c. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as other Americans. d. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise greater than the lesser of the CPI or 3%.

e. Congress will no longer have their own healthcare, but participate in the same healthcare as other Americans.

f. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

g. All contracts with past & present Congressmen/women are void .

h. Term Limits No Congressman/woman to serve longer than two 6 year terms or three 4 year terms.

4. Presidential Provisions.

a. PRESIDENTIAL NEGLIGENCE ACT mandating that the President must Enforce law against illegal migrants.

5. Balanced Budget Amendment.

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